Remember Your Childhood?

Carabao sled rides, street games, car adventures with mom and dad, lemon-flavored Fanta, treehouse, bike rides, knee gash, sweaty shirts, Sesame Street and orange gummies – these are the images that first come to mind when I think about my childhood.

It’s funny how the older we get, the more interested we are in reminiscing, isn’t it? And to think that when we were all children, all we wanted to be was a grown up – planning our lives ahead, making plans for our careers and future families.

If you haven’t yet noticed on social media, kids from the 80’s such as myself, who grew up playing outside as children but are now enjoying the perks of the online era as adults, are fond of looking back at “simpler times”. Perhaps it’s because the contrast of the two is more immediate for our generation.

In fact, looking back is so ‘in’ that we’ve managed to come up with new terms for reminiscing altogether. Today, it’s all about throwbacks and flashbacks and trending hashtags such as #ThrowBackThursdays and #FlashbackFridays.

So what’s the fascination over our childhood? Is it simple because life was really, well, simpler or is it something deeper than that?

The word nostalgia comes from the Greek nostos, which means homecoming, and algos, which means pain. Historically it has had a negative connotation wherein a person longs to be with friends and family. However, today, it is defined more positively as remembering the past for sentimental reasons.

In a way, yes, our childhood reminds us about a time in our lives where we had little to no responsibilities, insignificant fears, truer friendships and innocent thoughts and mindsets. At the same time, it was a time when we had no control or power over our lives as well – where we had to ask permission all the time and we weren’t free to do the things we wanted to.

Being a child meant being free but it also meant having a lot of restrictions. As a child, we would discover new and exciting things but at the same time also learn that those things can hurt us if we are not careful.

The contradictions of childhood make us look back with wonderment because somehow, it gives more meaning to life. Death is a scary but certain fact of life and looking back is the tool we use to give value to a life well lived. Perhaps this is because a fun childhood reminds us of happy and wonderful moments while even a traumatic childhood makes us realize how we fight adversity and overcome challenges. In other words, it makes the now so much more significant and purposeful.

Apart from giving significant meaning to life, remembering our childhood helps us connect to others. It solidifies bonds with one another when we find out we went to the same schools, have the same friends growing up, lived in the same town, joined the same contests or even as simple as watching the same shows growing up.

This explains the rise in social media posts on throwbacks and flashbacks because more than ever, we want to connect to others in the most natural way we can. This is also why Memfy can play such an important role in our memories as we continuously journal our day to day lives in an attempt to make an online time capsule we can look back to someday.

At the end of the day, we look back to our childhood for the simplest of reasons – these memories, the moments where we played and learned about life, make us feel warm inside. It helps us through the toughest days and it makes good days even better.

Dealing with Pain and Loss – Cherishing Those Memories

By: Trix Clasara

It’s 1995 and I am 10 years old. My mom is pregnant with her first son after having three daughters before him, including me, the littlest one. In the middle of the night, my dad wakes us up and says we all need to drive to the hospital, and so we went.

My sisters and I are waiting on the public hospital couches… waiting and waiting, way past our bedtimes and they are not telling us anything. My mom is being sent from doctor to doctor, one room after the other and nothing is being said. The tension is palpable.

The very next day, we lay our brother to rest in his small coffin. He looked like my dad.

It’s 2015. I am now a married woman with a new baby girl in my arms. She is 3 months old. At around three o’clock in the morning, I hear my phone ring. It surprised me because with a new baby in the house, my phone has always been on silent mode – except this time.

I try to grab my phone, half awake, look down and see my mom is calling me. My heart stopped for a minute. I pick it up, say hello, and she says to me “Trix, I think Dads is dead already. I am not sure, can you please come over?”.  

The very next day, we lay my dad, “Dads” as we fondly called him, to rest in his white coffin. He looked like he was at peace.

Now it’s 2018 and it’s 23 and 3 years later after my brother and my dad had passed away. The years in between are long, but the the emptiness is still very much felt. That’s the thing with death, I suppose. It is certain, it is sudden but its effects may last even a lifetime.

I did not know my brother very well, naturally, because he died at birth, but being a ten year old and experiencing all of it made a real impact in my life. My brother’s death changed a lot of the family dynamics in the house and it wasn’t a treat to watch at such a young age.

My dad dying the day after I was supposed to visit him at home but didn’t and instead opted to stay home, will forever leave a mark in my heart. It pains me every time I think about what I should have done more, what I should have told him, the time I should have spent with him before his passing.

I will not lie – I have my regrets and the truth is, you’ll never really realize it is too late until you lose that person. However, everyday, I make the choice to live – for myself, for my husband, for my children.

Even though my dad has passed on, I choose to keep him alive in the stories I tell my children, in passing traditions he has taught me and my sisters and in the way I handle my current relationships.

I utter the words “I Love You” fearlessly to the people I love because, when else will I say it to them? Now is the time. Now is the only time. This is what loss has taught me. When I remember my dad, I remember not just fun memories together, but also to cherish moments with my loved ones at present.

When I look back and think about our family road trips, the way he would pick me up from school or drive me to a friend’s house, or build new things in our backyard, or work on school projects together, I miss my dad terribly, yes. But at the same time, it reminds me to pour myself – body and soul, to my children so that they can also have the same great experiences I’ve had.

This is why journaling has become my favorite past time. Even as a kid I would write in special notebooks and keep diaries in secret places so no one can read them. Today, not only has it allowed me to remember my children’s milestones but it also helps me remember my loved ones who have passed away so that my children can learn about their lives too. The Memfy journalling app is a great tool that helps me keep my thoughts and stories private along with the freedom of writing whatever I please.

My pain is still fresh from my loss, but I know in time, the sadness will fade and the good and lovely memories will remain. After all, it is in loss that I can truly see the value of life and the meaning of it all, not just for myself but also for my children.


Why Do We Need to Keep Memories?

Last December 6,  at the Children’s Global Summit, Prince William spoke about the impact of social media on the next generation.

The Duke of Cambridge said “Parents like Catherine and me are raising the first generation of digitally-immersed children – and this gives us many reasons to be optimistic about the impact of technology on childhood.”

If you’re an early generation millennial like myself, born sometime in the mid-80s, you have a pretty good idea how the world has changed even just in the last decade. Growing up with nothing but bugs, books and great the outdoors to be occupied with but also experiencing the dawn of technology as we grew older, it’s safe to say we really did have the best of both worlds.

In a way, we were able to enjoy our childhood – getting dirty and making new friends the “old fashioned way” but also still young enough to grasp the concept of sending texts, emails, meeting people online and browsing for the latest updates on our friends and the world, on social media.

However, kids of today’s generation may not exactly have the same luxuries as we did growing up. Today, most kids own a mobile phone from when they are as young as 8 years old and some parents do not bat an eyelid when it comes to screen time on individual tablets.

In 20 years or so, a millennial would have a completely different story of his or her childhood compared to someone who was born in the 2000s. And because a lot of what we know today came from our childhood, the difference between generations will have a significant impact on how we live our lives, and more importantly, the memories we make.

If you’re someone who grew up without social media, then perhaps you like looking back at old photos and then remembering parts of your childhood that you may or may not have forgotten.   On the other hand, if you grew up with social media, your approach to memories is more than a little different.

In a way, some of our “memories” are becoming contrived because of our constant need to post on our social media accounts. It is called INSTA-gram after all. Everything feels like it should belong in the present – the likes, the hearts, the engagement with friends through comments, and unfortunately, sometimes, even the moment itself.

Ironically, we have come up with hashtags like #nofilter, #justgoshoot and #realstory but behind some or even most of these photos are just, well, photos. The people who are so caught up with the ‘social’ part of social media have somehow lost their ability to live in the moment and just appreciate it fully without having to pull out their phones.

I’m not saying social media is stealing all our memories – in fact, the opposite. It is a great tool that must be used with care and accountability. Pictures should serve as a reminder for fond memories, not the reason to make those memories in the first place.  And what about those memories that do not come with a photograph?  Are they less important?  Today, we act as though those moments do not matter – as they do not form part of our social media history.

Why is keeping a log of our memories important?

But regardless of what year you were born, and which generation you identify with, making memories is a part of who we are and tells us a story of where we have come from. That’s the wonderful thing about memories – it transcends through age, gender, race and everything else.

It’s important to us simply because we are humans and it is our way to look back, appreciate where we’ve come from and who we’ve spent our time with and to look ahead to share with the next generation. It is important because we have hearts that beat for joy and a sense of belonging – things that memories give us when we remember them.


Holding on to certain moments in our lives also reminds us of our purpose in the present. It teaches us not to regret anything but instead to relish every memory, every lesson learned in the past. At the same time, it reminds us how far we’ve come and why we do what we do to thrive in the world.

This is why Memfy exists, it’s literally a memory saving app. With Memfy, you can easily scroll down your timeline and literally see how far you’ve come in life but at the same time, never forget how you got there in the first place. In a way, Memfy is a time machine that lets you bounce back to different times in your life and look back with joy and contentment.

Remembering people, places, dates and little details lets the people we love know that we value them in our life. It shows them that although some moments are not as grand and even seemingly insignificant, that they’ve had a profound impact on us somehow.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important reason of all, our memories from the past help us bridge the gap through different generations. Imagine if your parents shared with you the memories they had logged from their own lives?  Perhaps even their lives before you were born?  How insightful would those little memories be of the people that brought you up from a time before they were parents?  When moments are remembered and treasured as memories, they become traditions for future families and generations to come.


How to Perfectly Preserve Your Children’s Memories

Written by Guest Blogger: Trix Clasara

They say we can never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Perhaps the statement rings truer when it comes to our children. I know firsthand, as a work-from-home mother of two toddlers, what that feels like.

The most common misconception about stay-at-home moms is that we sit around all day doing nothing but playing, laughing and singing with our kids. But the reality of life is, without a helper or a nanny, we do everything else – cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, picking up toys, in addition to taking care of the kids and playing with them. To add to that, I also work, so it’s safe to say that it never really stops.

With all the chores and responsibilities come an unwelcome consequence: divided attention, and so, even though I am physically present, I hate to admit that I also miss out on so many things that my kids do. Yes, I am there for the big milestones – the many firsts, but not exactly mentally and emotionally there for all the little, seemingly insignificant at the time (but actually very significant!) thoughts they want to share with me.

In a way, I sometimes take for granted all this time with them that I don’t even realize it until I start browsing through phone pictures and see how much they’ve grown before my eyes! This then makes me look back at my own childhood.

Childhood and Parenthood

Growing up, my parents were at work most of the day, both with 9-5 jobs. My sisters and I were always with a nanny, a neighbor or our grandparents and aunts. My husband grew up in the same type of household. His mother was an overseas worker and his dad was always working as well. But no matter how busy they were on weekdays, both our parents made sure we had family time during the weekends.

Weekend lunches and adventures were a must. My dad loved to drive us around anywhere and everywhere. I especially loved car rides so I have many great memories with him in the car, getting lost and discovering new places. In a way, although they weren’t exactly emotionally present parents, I remember a lot of good and fun memories from my childhood that I still hold dear today.


However rich in valuable memories my childhood was, it is also the reason why I chose to stay at home with the kids, giving up a blossoming career as a chef.  At the end of the day, I wanted to be present – physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually, for my kids. It was so important for my husband and I to instill our family values to our children even at a young age.



And although I went the opposite direction of how my parents raised us, my husband and I still keep some of our own family traditions and try to pass them on to our kids – such as going on car ride adventures, even if it’s just a quick car wash or a grocery run or something as elaborate as going out of town. We also take them out on dates like I would take my eldest to watch plays and the ballet while my husband would spend time with our son and vice versa.




In a sense, this is our special way of showing our kids not only how to make great family memories but also how to value every moment with each other. In the end, we only hope as their parents to be able to instill that in them until they are grown adults with their own families.

Parenting in the 21st Century

As a millennial parent, I am fully aware of the power of social media. I actively use it to document my kids’ growth and milestones (yes, I am an Instagram mom with endless pictures of her children). Heck, I even have assigned hashtags for each of my kids. I figured it would be the equivalent of having assigned photo albums like the ones my parents had – for my older sisters (not for me, because I was the youngest, and you know the rest of this story… :p).

I have fully embraced technology, I have managed to weave it in my kids’ lives and unlike some parents, I have no issue with it at all. But no matter how big a role social media and technology play in our lives, we still like to keep some things private.

Not because they are classified information, but because we hold conversations with our kids sacred.

This is why I started to write my kids handwritten letters. When Ily, my eldest daughter turned one, I got the un-fanciest notebook I could find lying around the house and began to write to her, not everyday, but when something significant happens in her life and I have not stopped since. She is now three. I did the same thing with my younger son Aman who just turned one last February.



There is something so special about handwritten letters and I hope someday they will be able to read it, look back and say, “Wow, Mama was really there for everything that mattered.”

On the other hand, it is not entirely the most practical way of jotting down memories. For instance, I am always out with the kids and to remember everything that has been said or done during the day, I still pull my phone out and jot them down so as not to miss anything.

This is why when my friend introduced me to Memfy, I was really excited to know that my handwritten letters had a techie equivalent. Even better is the fact that Memfy just released an Android app so with unlimited data and my phone practically plastered to my hand at all times, remembering every single moment is made easier and more convenient.

Since they’re no longer handwritten, you may ask, are they of lesser value? No. Why? Because they are still written by me and they’re still set to private and for my children’s eyes only, much like the notebooks I hide each night at the back of my closet.

Besides, who says it has to be only one or the other? The amazing thing about being a parent today is that we can freely choose – with more options, I might add, how we raise our kids. There are no longer strict rules when it comes to choosing what is best for our children – even when it comes to making and keeping memories that we will hold in our hearts forever.



Most Memorable Date Night Places Across the Globe – Our Pick of the Top 6

Do you remember your first date? Was is all you ever imagined it to be? If yes, then great! If no, then maybe we can be of some assistance.

You’re probably thinking, we are months late into the Valentine’s post. Au contraire! Since we are in the business of keeping wonderful memories, we are actually a year early for our Valentine’s post.

If you want to make next year’s V-day count, then you need at least a year to save up for these beautiful places! Taking someone out on a date, can be as simple as a picnic in the park, but the success depends on where that park is located, right?

When it comes to planning dates, it’s all about location, location, location! Whether you’re there to impress, or you simply want to have a memorable experience with a loved one, the location for date night plays a key role as to how the rest of the evening will turn out.

A good date doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should definitely be memorable. With your compatibility right on the mark and your date game perfectly on point, a great location may just be what you need to seal the deal and make date night with a loved one full of wonderful moments you both will never forget.

In this article, we will take you around the world to show you wonderful places you can visit, marvel at, and at the same time, plan your first date around.

1.Mexico City

Mexico City is a city with the perfect blend of urbanism and romanticism. Whether you’re out on an artsy date or feeling like you want to take a trip down history lane, Mexico’s got you covered. If you want to impress your date, you can easily take her to Canvas Coffee and Wine Bar before or after dinner. It has a relaxed vibe that adds no pressure to a first date. It is conveniently located at the center of town so that you can go check out art galleries sprouting in the

If you have some cash to burn, there’s always Restaurante Limosneros which is located in the city’s Centro Historico. This is a beautiful and romantic spot where history lives amongst the architectural wonders. In the restaurant, you will feel certainly feel romance in the air seeing chandeliers hang from the ceiling as you are wrapped around thick walls from 400-year old stones – and what better way to make new memories than to be surrounded by great memories of the past?

2. Paris 

What’s a better date night location than the city of love? Book a table at L’Oiseau Blanc, on the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel. While other rooftop decks have a good view of the Eiffel Tower, this one has THE unobstructed view of the iconic tower. Here you will not only marvel at the breathtaking view, but you will also salivate from the delectable pure French menu overseen by Chef Sidney Redel.

If you’re feeling low key, take a picnic mat and your date to the Eiffel Tower grounds and buy delicious crepe on the nearby stalls. Take a stroll along the city and marvel at the beauty of sculptures and other iconic architectural wonders.

3. Vancouver

If it’s a weekday, take your date on a 30-minute charter flight on the Harbour Air’s downtown seaplane. The stunning views of Vancouver’s skyline, Stanley Park  and Coal Harbour will surely work up your appetite for dinner.

To cap off an evening of romance and excitement, book a table at Boulevard restaurant. It is an expensive, posh restaurant with multiple dining rooms that embraces classic cooking techniques. With upscale twists on casual menu items, you and your date will definitely have fun dining here.

4. San FranciscoThe best way to enjoy your date around San Francisco is to first, book a chauffeured car. Why? Because driving alone around the city will definitely get most of your attention, and not leaving enough of it for your date. The last thing you want on a romantic night out is to not pay attention to your date.

Once you’ve accomplished that, pick up your date (on time!) and grab some seafood! One of the highlights of the San Francisco food culture is its amazing fresh seafood. One of the favorite restaurants of locals is Tadich Grill and taking your date here will make you feel like a total city insider. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the US and incidentally, serves the best seafood in California.

5. Manila

A real busy, urban city with deep historic roots, Manila, Philippines should definitely be on your date night bucket list. Take your date down at Intramuros which is the old district of Manila. It carries a lot of history and meaning within its walls. It is a breathtaking structure with many possible photo ops throughout your stroll.

In the walled city of Intramuros, you can visit a museum, learn about the Spanish colonization history of the Philippines, ride a Bamboo bike, or even a Kalesa (horse-pulled chariot).

After a satisfying tour, you can head over to Bayleaf Hotel’s Sky Deck for a show stopping sunset view overlooking Manila Bay. Wine and dine with a wide array of Filipino menu options and order some cocktails for you and your date as well.

6. Budapest

If you want to have some fun without losing intimacy, spend some time at the Rudas Bath on the bank of the Danube for some seriously leisurely R&R. Wallow in the thermal waters under the Ottoman-era dome and then take a quick dip in the open-air pool while enjoying the best views of the city. If you’re feeling extra generous, book a massage for two as well to really make the most out of the experience.

After a relaxing bonding experience, book a table at , a Michelin-starred restaurant that specializes in Hungarian wine and the finest local cuisine. This bistro style restaurant offers a modern take on traditional food items which will help you impress your date without being too intimidating.



















Guess what’s coming to Android?

It is almost time, final testing has begun.  Memfy is coming to an Android phone near you (hopefully the one in your pocket) very soon….

It has been a long, painstaking journey but I’m proud of what I look at, I am proud to have led the design, development and soon, the deployment of this beautiful app made with you, the user, in mind at every turn.

I say beautiful because it is just that.  Memfy is the app for you to log, track and look back on your life’s memories.  No longer will you need to toil through a boring diary, in physical form, or a digital diary that looks just like the old book-type ones, just on a phone or tablet.  Memfy is a new kind of journaling experience.  It combines the essence, the emotion of nostalgia with the kind of design-focused mobile experience today’s world demands.  It is not just a digital reincarnation of your old ‘dear diary’ notebook – in fact it looks nothing like a traditional diary.

The question here wasn’t “how do I turn a diary into an app?”, we asked ourselves the much deeper question of “how do I want to record my memories?”.  A timeline, privacy tools, options to log memfies as the full date (dd-mm-yy) or just mm-yy or even just yy.  Perfect for those “I know that happened in 1999, but was it February or April?” moments.

In today’s world, we share everything in many different ways.  Humans are innately social creatures – we like being social, we like sharing with others.  But at the same time, a part of us is pulling back inwards. We may have a need to be social, but we also have a need to be private. And whilst we have a million apps fulfilling our social desires, we do not have our privacy needs, our need to have an intimate environment fulfilled in the same way in our digital world.

When it comes to our memories, the memorable moments of our lives that have and continue to shape us – these are fundamentally private. Sure, there will be moments that we want to share with the world, but there are many, many more that we’d like to have the ability to recall but wouldn’t dream of sharing with more than one or two people, if at all. This need, this desire isn’t being fulfilled and so we tend to forget these moments, or worse still ignore their impact on our lives.

Memfy changes all that. And very soon, Android users will be able to see and use it for themselves. For those on iOS, don’t worry. We’re working hard to bring a version to the App Store for you soon too.

Food for Thought: What to Eat to Boost Memory Power

Do you believe you are what you eat?

The truth is, the body is merely a vessel and just like any machinery, it needs fuel to make it run. But eating just about anything is not the solution because food, like fuels, come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Not all foods are created equal.

If you fill your body with the right kinds of food, in the appropriate amount, your body will function smoothly and properly, just like any car that has been filled with premium fuel. Like it or not, no matter how much you exercise, diet plays an important role in our overall health.

For others who feel invincible and carefree, they think that they can get away with eating whatever they want and just work it off at the gym later on. We’ve got news for you – according to author and former gymnast Steven Low, who also  has a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland College Park, and a Doctorate
of Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore,
your overall health is 85% dependent on a good and healthy diet and only 15% dependent on physical activity and exercise. While losing weight can be done at the gym, consuming too much junk will have its ill effects in your entire system, including your mental health.

Not over-consuming sugary treats and junk food not only gives you a perfect physique and healthy, well-functioning organs. Choosing the right kind of food can also improve and enhance your mental health.

In fact, there are specific foods that will help you boost your memory power. As we age, the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is mainly involved in making and producing memories, will inevitably deteriorate. Even worse are life-changing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia that creep up on some, the older they get.

Now that we have established that eating well is good for your physical as well as your mental health, let’s see what food items you should be including on your next grocery run. If you want a healthy and happy mind and a life filled with all your life’s memories, start consuming the right food for your brain!

  1. Avocado


Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Translation: avocados are the healthy fats you should be eating. They’re also very versatile and can be combined with just about everything – in your salad, with your eggs, in your sandwich and even on its own! It’s a delicious treat that is as tasty as it is nutritious.


2. Coconut Oil


Just like avocados, coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy fats. It contains medium chain triglycerides that the body uses and leaves glucose for the brain. It also has great effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Anything that is good for your heart is significantly good for your brain functions as well. It also has been studied as an anti-inflammatory which leads to prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are a great source of complex carbohydrates which simply means, the good kind of carbs you want to be consuming! They are also mixed with fiber that slows absorption, giving you a steady supply of glucose for the brains without risk of sugar spikes in the blood. They are also rich in folate which is critical to brain function.


4. Blueberries


Blueberries are filled with antioxidants that protect the brain from damage and stress. The flavonoids in blueberries also improve the communication between neurons, improving memory learning and all cognitive function. These functions include decision making, reasoning, verbal comprehension and numerical analysis.

5. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant that could help protect against the kind of free radical damage to cells which occurs in the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s.


6. Walnuts


Snacking on a handful of these delicious nuts will help curb hunger and at the same time, satisfy your cravings. It has also been known to improve working memory. Walnuts are also very versatile and can be added to almost any dish you will have.



7. Dark Chocolate

You read that right! Finally, a great excuse to consume your favorite dessert. However, not all chocolate are created equal so you need to make sure you’re eating only the really dark ones – at least 70% dark. Dark chocolate varieties contain flavonoids that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They’re great for lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow to the heart and the brain.


So there you go, a list of seven foods that can boost your memory power and best of all, they’re foods you already know and are available in the same aisles you usually shop in!  So however you do your grocery shopping, at the supermarket, at your local high-street store, at the market or even online, make sure these seven memory-boosting foods are at the top of your list.


Do We Need to Take a Photo of Everything?

Have you ever sat down around the dinner table with your parents, aunts, older cousins and grandparents? We bet there would be lots of stories going around. Our parents and grandparents love to talk about their past. Sharing stories and wonderful memories from their youthful days is a way of passing down riches to the next generation.

With only with their fondest memories, the older generation seems to have a better grasp of what it means to really live in the moment. Traditions and stories are passed from generation to generation using only words and reliving wonderful moments from the past.

Perhaps the greatest irony we are facing today is that the older generation, without their smartphones and even cameras, are able to remember more than the youth of today. With the rise of social media, people have developed an obsession about snapping a picture of just about everything.

From big events like weddings, travels and children’s birthdays down to the somewhat insignificant walks to the park, newest accessories, every meal eaten or among a thousand selfies, millennials just have to take a picture of every event.

These days, it’s hard to watch a concert or even appreciate an amazing masterpiece in a museum without being interrupted by someone holding an iPhone, trying to take a picture. Capturing one’s food in a restaurant has become the new prayer before meals. Every parent has probably taken every single millisecond of their child’s life and posted them on Facebook or Instagram.

While there’s no denying how technology has helped us capture every moment in life, maybe there are some moments that just need to be lived rather than captured on camera. In fact, a study at Fairfield University in Connecticut headed by Dr. Linda Henkel, has shown that taking too many photos may prevent you from forming detailed memories.

Even though the purpose of taking a photo is to capture the exact moment, we may actually miss what’s happening right under our noses. Within camera’s easy reach, we mindlessly take a photo without even realizing the full event happening.  And to add to this, we’ll spend another 10-20 seconds staring at our screens making sure we got the angle right, that every person in the photo is smiling (or pouting), cropping the photo and scrolling through what filters we can add to make the live image we just took look better on other people’s screens!

Furthermore, the same study showed that people have better memories of moments they spent more time doing than those they just took pictures of. It is a truly remarkable study that understands the repercussions of being too focused on just taking photos and uploading them on social media.

To live our life to the full, we must learn to keep our phones in our pockets and really savour the moment. Instead of snapping a photo of your yummy salad, why don’t you try to smell it, to taste every bite, to feel every texture in your mouth? Why don’t you share this experience with the one sitting in front of you?  I know this sounds a bit airy-fairy, but I’m trying to make a point!

When you’re watching a concert, maybe you can keep your phones off and just sing out loud to the songs. Join the mosh pit, wave your hands in the air and again, share it with the person standing next to you.

The next time you’re staring at the sky and you are tempted to take a hundred photos to upload, keep in mind that there is no filter that’s better than nature’s sunrise and sunset. Whenever you play with your kids, remember that they grow up so fast and that every moment counts. Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to spend every moment looking them in the eye, appreciating them grown rather than through a camera lens?

Every experience is unique which is why we have the urge to take a picture of each one. While photographs are important for keepsakes, perhaps some moments are better off being experienced than shot.

They say a man’s life can be summed up by all his experiences. That being said, what are the moments in your life that you can recall in detail, without looking at photographs?  We hardly notice it but it seems that the one thing that you use to capture the moment is actually making you miss a significant moment.  How many memories can you log on Memfy without attaching a photograph?


Finally, we want to say that we absolutely love photographs and keeping memories and creative ways to make memories live forever. However, we must remember to experience the moment first before even thinking of grabbing that smartphone and taking a snapshot. You only have one life and making memories and passing them to the next generation is what matters the most. Converse. Laugh. Touch. Breathe. Experience. Live.


8 Moments Your Children Will Never Forget

Whether you’re a working parent or a stay-at-home mum, you know how tough it is to give the kids 100% of your attention. With so many responsibilities – work, cooking, cleaning, attending to your partner’s needs, catching up on social media and many more, our attention as parents is pretty much spread out very thinly across different things.

However, a busy schedule and a list of responsibilities are not an excuse to miss out on the important moments with your children. As parents, we all know that the days may be long but the years go by so fast. One minute they are babies and the next, they’re moving out to head off to the real world.

The most important thing as parents, is to make every moment in between count. After all, it is their times as children that really shape who they become as adults. Studies have shown that although we don’t remember every single memory from our childhood, there are moments that really make an impact on us. These memories are not even grand, momentous events but really simple ones that make children feel happy and loved.

So parents, put down that smartphone or that pile of laundry now. Everything else can wait but your kids’ memories will live with them forever. Let’s make the most of our time with them, shall we?

Here are the 8 most mundane things you should never take for granted because your children will remember them forever!

1.Being Dropped Off at School


One of the most frequent activities in a child’s life is going to school. The conversations you have and the moments you share inside the car going to school will always be remembered by your kids. Saying goodbye to your kids and hugging them before they leave the car each morning makes a huge impact on their lives.


2. Their Natural Environment

Providing shelter is a basic responsibility of parents to their children. But beyond a roof over their head and four walls to protect them, it is the making of a home that really becomes unforgettable to all children. A child will never forget what kind of home, school, playground or backyard they grew up in. The stories they will tell as adults will be set in these natural environments and it will definitely set the tone for them.

3. The Times You Gave them Real Responsibilities


Although kids love being kids – playing and goofing around, they also like the feeling of being trusted. Giving your kids real responsibilities like simple household chores and rewarding or praising them for a good job done will be forever ingrained in their minds and hearts. In a way, it is their graduation from being just a kid to mum’s little helper.

4. The Times You Showed Up

Kids often measure their parents’ love with time. Your time is a precious gift. Your presence in small and big occasions will matter and it will shape the kind of people they will become. This doesn’t mean literally just showing up for events but keep in mind the times when they just need you to be there, physically. Perhaps they need you there when they fall down or when they are embarrassed in school and need someone to confide in. Maybe they need you to show up when things are looking glum and they know that you are the person they can count on all the time.

5. When You Read to Them

Books create a world where everyone that is reading becomes a part of it. No matter how old your child is, reading to them will make them feel special and loved. The stories we share with our kids will change them forever.


6. When You Hug Them

No child will ever have enough of his parent’s touch. A hug is a very simple but powerful affirmation that says “I am here for you and I love you.” Whether your kids are happy, sad, frustrated, excited or anxious, a hug is always the answer to address those feelings. Hugs are a symbol of reassurance and protection – things that every child would want to feel at all times.

7. Being Good at Something


When a child realized he or she has talent for a particular skill, these memories highlight a sense of competence. Reassuring and affirming your children of the things they do well will later on help them build confidence as well.

8. Family Traditions

As an adult, if there is one thing you remember being a child, and still carry on today (with your own children!), it is family traditions. You are shaped by these traditions that you experience growing up and it creates a positive effect in your life. In the same way, having your own family traditions with your kids will help them learn about the importance of family, togetherness and a support system. It teaches them the value of spending their time well and placing value in people and relationships.


6 Cool Ways to Remember Your Travels Without A Camera

These days, people are quick to whip out the cameras to capture moments in their lives. With the invention of smartphones and GoPros that are so conveniently compact, people take a picture of almost anything and everything. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, each moment is documented quickly with a camera and more often than not, documented on social media.

Interestingly, researchers have found that taking too many photos could prevent us from forming detailed memories. In what appears to be the greatest paradox of today’s generation, the one tool that we turn to, to keep our memories, seems to also be the thing that’s keeping us from retaining them.

This could mean that when we travel and we start taking pictures here and there, there is a great chance we won’t remember the details of our trips as we experienced them first hand. But before you throw out those beloved cameras and smartphones, just keep in mind that there are other more creative and fun ways to document your trips apart from taking snapshots.

When you travel, there are many sights to see, scents to smell and delicious food to taste. Each experience is unique. As a traveller, you should immerse yourself fully in your surroundings to really get the full experience. While a camera may be the easiest thing to pull out to capture a moment, you may be losing tiny details that you would want to look back to later on.

Having a camera is great and convenient, but traveling is so much more than the photos you take. They’re about culture and unique places and the beautiful people you meet along the way. In this blog, we will share with you six new and exciting ways to document your travels so that you can remember every single detail of every moment of every destination.

  1. Keep a Journal


A classic never goes out of style. A journal may be a bit old school for some, but it does the job. With a pen and paper, you can write down anything and everything you want, doodle, scribble and even add side notes for flare. A journal is a great way to document everything you hear, see, smell and taste and it’s fun to look back at them too. Don’t worry about sounding profound or being artsy with your scribbles. In the end, you are the only one who will look at them anyway.

2. Sign Up for a Memfy Premium Account


With Memfy, you can document every memory without having to worry about not-so-close friends and acquaintances bugging you to take them next time. Unlike social media, Memfy allows you to privately use your account like an online journal but not as laborious. With Memfy, all your memories are in one place and easier to search compared to flipping through hundreds of pages and photographs.

3. Send Yourself a Postcard


Whenever you’re in a new place, purchase a postcard and send it to your address back home. Write about every moment and whatever it is you’re experiencing, thinking and feeling. Postcards are a great way to really live in the moment and share them with nobody else but yourself. The best part is, sometimes you forget about these cards and receive them in the mail 2-3 weeks later – just when you’re feeling bummed about staying home, doing office work.

4. Start a Collection


Whether it’s train tickets, Starbucks mugs, Coca-Cola bottles or even fridge magnets, collecting souvenirs from all over the world is one of the most fun ways to remember the best places you’ve traveled to. Displaying them at home will help you never forget fun memories – plus they make a great conversation starter for dinners and parties!


5. Make a Playlist


There’s something about music that takes us back in time. When we hear a specific song, we are transported back to an exact moment, a certain feeling or it brings us back together with a special person. Creating a playlist for every city or country you visit to will be a cool way to look back once you’re at home.


6. Map Your Journey


Take a colourful or even a vintage looking map of the world and sew on a track that circles the places you’ve traveled to. You can even stick some tidbits here and there to remind you of the tiniest details that made your travels meaningful and exciting. Once done, you can frame it up and set it on your bedroom wall. There’s nothing like a world map to get you inspired to save more money to travel again and again.