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6 Cool Ways to Remember Your Travels Without A Camera

November 18, 2016
6 Cool Ways to Remember Your Travels Without A Camera

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These days, people are quick to whip out the cameras to capture moments in their lives. With the invention of smartphones and GoPros that are so conveniently compact, people take a picture of almost anything and everything. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, each moment is documented quickly with a camera and more often than not, documented on social media.

Interestingly, researchers have found that taking too many photos could prevent us from forming detailed memories. In what appears to be the greatest paradox of today’s generation, the one tool that we turn to, to keep our memories, seems to also be the thing that’s keeping us from retaining them.

This could mean that when we travel and we start taking pictures here and there, there is a great chance we won’t remember the details of our trips as we experienced them first hand. But before you throw out those beloved cameras and smartphones, just keep in mind that there are other more creative and fun ways to document your trips apart from taking snapshots.

When you travel, there are many sights to see, scents to smell and delicious food to taste. Each experience is unique. As a traveller, you should immerse yourself fully in your surroundings to really get the full experience. While a camera may be the easiest thing to pull out to capture a moment, you may be losing tiny details that you would want to look back to later on.

Having a camera is great and convenient, but traveling is so much more than the photos you take. They’re about culture and unique places and the beautiful people you meet along the way. In this blog, we will share with you six new and exciting ways to document your travels so that you can remember every single detail of every moment of every destination.

  1. Keep a Journal


A classic never goes out of style. A journal may be a bit old school for some, but it does the job. With a pen and paper, you can write down anything and everything you want, doodle, scribble and even add side notes for flare. A journal is a great way to document everything you hear, see, smell and taste and it’s fun to look back at them too. Don’t worry about sounding profound or being artsy with your scribbles. In the end, you are the only one who will look at them anyway.

2. Sign Up for a Memfy Premium Account


With Memfy, you can document every memory without having to worry about not-so-close friends and acquaintances bugging you to take them next time. Unlike social media, Memfy allows you to privately use your account like an online journal but not as laborious. With Memfy, all your memories are in one place and easier to search compared to flipping through hundreds of pages and photographs.

3. Send Yourself a Postcard


Whenever you’re in a new place, purchase a postcard and send it to your address back home. Write about every moment and whatever it is you’re experiencing, thinking and feeling. Postcards are a great way to really live in the moment and share them with nobody else but yourself. The best part is, sometimes you forget about these cards and receive them in the mail 2-3 weeks later – just when you’re feeling bummed about staying home, doing office work.

4. Start a Collection


Whether it’s train tickets, Starbucks mugs, Coca-Cola bottles or even fridge magnets, collecting souvenirs from all over the world is one of the most fun ways to remember the best places you’ve traveled to. Displaying them at home will help you never forget fun memories – plus they make a great conversation starter for dinners and parties!


5. Make a Playlist


There’s something about music that takes us back in time. When we hear a specific song, we are transported back to an exact moment, a certain feeling or it brings us back together with a special person. Creating a playlist for every city or country you visit to will be a cool way to look back once you’re at home.


6. Map Your Journey


Take a colourful or even a vintage looking map of the world and sew on a track that circles the places you’ve traveled to. You can even stick some tidbits here and there to remind you of the tiniest details that made your travels meaningful and exciting. Once done, you can frame it up and set it on your bedroom wall. There’s nothing like a world map to get you inspired to save more money to travel again and again.

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