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Top 5 Benefits of Keeping a Travel Diary

September 9, 2015
Top 5 Benefits of Keeping a Travel Diary

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Traveling is always a great way to make new memories.

These days, many people are content with taking snapshots and just uploading them online. Although keeping photos of your memories are very important, it’ll also be awesome to read back on the wonderful times you’ve spent with loved ones while traveling.


Let’s face it, you will take photos, but a camera (yes even that one on your smartphone) won’t always be ready to snap every moment you want to remember.  Ever been in a situation where you want to snap a photo on your phone only to find out you’re on your last 2% of battery juice??  Yep, we’ve all been there.


This is where keeping a travel diary comes in handy! But at the same time, you don’t want this diary to take over your life. I mean, come on, who has the time these days to write pages and pages about a single moment? Not me – that’s for sure. Keeping a diary should be easy as well as quick to do.


Memfy can be a great online diary and that’s just one of the 5 Valuable Ways to Use Memfy That You Probably Didn’t Think Of.


A travel diary can be a compilation of your stories abroad or even a stack of photos with some great and memorable captions on them. Whether online or on paper, here are some benefits of keeping a travel diary.
Do you have a travel diary? Share with us when and why you started writing!


1. Sharing experiences

Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors

As you return home, you can always look back in your diary and share every moment, every laughter, every food eaten and something new experienced, with your loved ones. The great thing is, this can even go beyond generations and when you start having children, they can also partake in sharing your travels.


2. Reliving wonderful moments

reliving memories

I’ve often forgotten a lot of incidents in my life but whenever I look back and read my diaries, not only do I remember them but it takes me back to that time and place and I can feel that feeling again. Having a travel diary can help you go back to your favorite places and feel that surge of happiness in your heart every time you read it.


3. Keeping track of Do’s and Dont’s

dosanddontsTraveling to a new place can be an exciting and scary experience all at the same time. Having a diary helps you record things such as your favorite restaurants, must-see spots, places to avoid, shops that are super affordable, the store with the friendly woman who gives you discounts and other wonderful things and tips you or other people can make use of when traveling. It will also be important to jot down some crucial country dont’s. For instance, in Japan, they say it is rude to leave a tip whereas in the U.S, it is customary. Culture is an exciting thing but one must always be careful not to step on them when traveling abroad. Going through your travel diaries will help you with this!


4. Never missing heartwarming moments

trainEspecially when traveling alone, or backpacking across exotic places, a travel diary is very handy to make sure you will never miss another moment again. Keep jotting down experiences and feelings as they happen to make sure you will always remember them. Having photos can be a great way to capture moments but it’s an entirely different thing to read about what exactly was going through your mind while experiencing new things.

5. Reading about your growth and self discovery

woman-reading-a-bookThere’s something wonderful about going back through travel diaries, not just to relive your travel moments but more importantly, to look back and see how much you have grown. For one thing, you can see how many travels you have been able to fund! Another is reading about yourself and how you would react to different situations compared to the present day. It’s also nice to know that you cannot erase what you have written and that’s important because it keeps the memories sincere and genuine.

So what are you waiting for? Start logging your favorite travel moments now! There’s nothing like looking back on your memories of adventure and fun and sharing them with the people you love.

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